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This company has been registered as Kavir Engineering Group Co. at Tehran on July, 2010.

Kavir Engineering Group (KEG) starts its activities in engineering services field based and with support of scientific, administrative and managerial staff and skilled personnel.

The objectives of KEG include various fields such as Study, Design, Construction and Installation of water supply, reservoir tanks and transfer, Pump Stations & Water Hammer Analysis, Distribution Networks, water treatment plants, sewage collection networks, transfer lines and sewage treatment plants, gathering and leading and removing superficial waters and studies in relation of environmental management and evaluation and also designing green space irrigation networks projects.

KEG managerial staff and experts are mainly holders of educational credentials from reputed Iranian universities like Sharif University of Technology ,Tehran University , Iran University of Science & Technology  and Water & Power Industry University (Ministry of Power University). They are specialists in the field of water and sewage having obvious specifications and have been appeared as employer, contractor or consultant in the water and power industry.  During the past 13 years KEG and staff has successfully completed more than 100 projects at different levels such as study, design and construction supervision in Iran.

This has been achieved thanks to proper planning, quality orientation and adhering to customer satisfaction principles.

KEG Fields of Activity:

  • Calculation, design, manufacture and installation of control equipment water hammer and bumpers
  • Water transmission lines and distribution networks
  • Sewage transmission lines and collection networks
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water and Sewage Pumping Stations
  • Irrigation of urban green areas
  • Mapping
  • Pipe Bursting Technologies

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